Kate and her Mother Wyn
Kate's Mother
Grandma Allen
Kate's Father's Mother
and Grandmother

Kate E A Berridge has had psychic ability

since early childhood, inheriting her gift from her mother, Wyn, a nurse and horse whisperer whose family were originally from Dublin. Wyn learned her psychic skills from her Grandma Allen.


After a traumatic near death experience, Kate began studying with a traditional healing Teacher, which she did for nine years. ​After this training Kate also qualified with a recognised UK/EEC Healing body and has been teaching her own inspired interpretation of Celtic healing and meditation for many years. Kate also runs a one-to-one clinic in rural Lincolnshire.  


Kate is a unique teacher who has dedicated her life to the wellbeing of the Earth, compassion for all life forms and a vision of personal and planetary healing.


Teaching a variety of courses, holding retreats and giving

talks across Ireland and the UK, Kate’s work is rooted in Celtic mystical wisdom. Kate has combined ancestral and universal consciousness with her own life experience as a working class woman. She shares her unique system of healing and meditation, which is called Earthall®.

Earthall® can be used as a valuable contribution to individuals’ lives, family groups, communities and global healing. Kate is adding her skills to the global movement to raise love and awareness at this pivotal time on Earth.   

Working with people 
Working with animals

"I have worked in healing for 47 years now, beginning 

by volunteering at an animal shelter, where I happily and surreptitiously gave healing to any animal who asked. 


When I was 29, I had a fall while pregnant and damaged my spine, pelvis and left shoulder because I fell backwards, to protect my unborn daughter. After the birth, I passed over to the Otherworld and wished to stay there but was sent back by my father's grandmother and mother. I returned with a different view of life and decided to fulfil my soul’s purpose as a healer. My many life-challenges have given me inner strength and an enduring connection to my soul.


The fall and near death experience provided a crossroad which took me in search of help to heal my body. I learned an ancient form of healing and psychotherapy using shamanic journeys and the discipline of daily meditation and prayer.


After training with an elderly Healing Teacher, I have developed my own direction, inspired by Celtic wisdom. I have been educated further by meeting the ancestors in soul journeys to the past. As long as I can remember, I have been actively learning mysteries of the ancestors who lived in harmony with and in reverence for the Earth and the Universe; seeing all life as an expression of divine loving forces."

Running courses with daughter