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Kate gave me healing throughout my pregnancy which was an extremely valuable and nurturing experience. Due to some personal experiences my energy levels were worryingly low and the well being of my child was, in the beginning, quite tentative. I found that my regular healing sessions gave me the physical strength I needed, helped me to deal with some troubling emotional experiences and gave me a deeply close and spiritual bond with my beloved boy which continues to flourish. My labour was quick and uncomplicated and I believe the relaxation and peace I received through the healing in my pregnancy contributed to this. Kate is a powerful, perceptive and experienced healer whom I highly recommend. 


Danielle Marns (Hebden Bridge)





I had a telephone consultation with Kate as I was feeling a

little lost in my life. Although I had some idea of

what to expect, I can't put into words what I actually experienced. Kate is warm, supportive and so insightful

that I suddenly felt a sense of calm and clarity.

Her gift for connecting us to the wisdom of the world is beautiful and I feel blessed to have met her. Even after the consultation I am feeling so much clearer and calmer.

Thank you Kate. 


P. Sutherland





Having been troubled for some years by a disturbing presence in the house, I was delighted that Kate was able to help.

Her ceremony was beautiful and kind as she sang to the presences and helped them on their way. The house is now calmer and lighter and a better place to live. Thank you Kate. 


R. J (Nottingham)





Kate is a warm hearted, no nonsense practitioner whose healing arts are more a personal life choice than any goal orientated course or alternative pastime; tried and tested through years of experience and genuine spiritual development, Her sessions serve as an excellent introduction for anyone who's found "their soul to be knocking", for those interested in exploring the principles of the Divine energies in Nature, those keen to query the concept of healing and creative visualisation. 


Ursula Holden Gill



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