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The Earthall® Meditation and Healing techniques have a lot to offer, as they spring from one of the oldest spiritual traditions in the world, the Celtic Tradition. This inspired interpretation of Celtic wisdom is perfect for today's challenges.


Learning Earthall® Meditation and Healing techniques can link you into the endless

life-energy of Nature. It can be used on many levels and you can choose how deeply you experience the benefits offered. It is a practical, usable, grounded system that can substantially improve your health and happiness.


The methods used at Celtic Spiritual Healing work on the body, feelings, mind and Soul (your authentic Self) restoring the natural balance between them. 

The Earthall® system can be used for well-being and if you choose, can give you a foundation for your own spiritual development. The techniques used in Earthall® are rooted in ancient knowledge from Ireland and the British Isles and belong to all who can respect and use the loving information from ancestral wisdom. 

Earthall® techniques are compatible with all beliefs and religions which recognise the healing energies in Nature, the Universe and beyond.


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