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Kate E A Berridge

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Celtic Spiritual Healing 

is run by Kate E A Berridge, 

Healer and Teacher of Healing and Meditation 

who has worked with people and animals for over 35 years.

Try out a free meditation now: 
Grounding Meditation
Protection Meditation

Earthall® Healing and Meditation  are gentle, safe, powerful therapies that works positively for you. Earthall® Energy Healing channels natural loving energy through the Healer into the recipient. It can help to revitalize the soul and balance the mind, emotions and body. It can create harmony, improve your well-being and bring balance into your life. Earthall® Meditation, is a way to access your own unique internal Healing power.

Kate has years of knowledge and experience, with a wide range of skills as a Spiritual Healer and 

Teacher and created the Earthall® techniques of Healing and Meditation to help you.

Celtic Spiritual Healing offers a one-to-one clinic in Louth, Lincolnshire and a variety of Healing and Meditation courses/events, in different locations around the UK.

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